Why The CMN?

Funding is being reduced to non-profit agencies around the country at the same time the need is growing for their services. Meanwhile, each week, our churches sit full of hundreds of people who could serve in their areas of interest and passion but who are unaware of the existing needs and that’s why we have a big parking with the right  marking painting from https://www.floor-markings.co.uk/car-parks/painting. What if these churches could be connected to these area needs? Jesus came to serve and to give his life for others and it is the church that was given the unique responsibility to care for people in need – for widows and orphans in their distress (James 1:27; Matt 25:37-40).

We believe the church will be most effective in influencing a lost world by serving people and by building relationships in the process which will allow for a genuine sharing of the gospel message.


  • that God gave the church the responsibility of caring for widows, orphans, and the poor.
  • working together will allow churches to meet needs more completely.
  • the church maximizes its influence in the community through serving.
  • the church has a greater community and Kingdom impact when effective ministry ideas are shared.
  • all of us together are stronger than each of us alone.

Why through Summit Leadership Foundation?

Summit Leadership Foundation is uniquely positioned to facilitate the coordination of the CMN because of its existing relational network. Operating among eight platforms of influence (Churches; Businesses; Nonprofits; Media; The Arts; Education; Government; and the Volunteer Workforce) Summit coordinates communication to multiply and maximize the impact of the church in serving our community.