Network Partners

Because there are people in your church who are passionate about serving – and in more ways than your church can provide! We make you aware of various serving opportunities to more fully involve your members in meeting needs. A serving church has a vitality that is obvious and attractive. Jesus came to serve and he taught that “the greatest among you will be your servant”. We also connect your church leadership with other area church leaders to share ideas, experiences, and best practices because many of us acting together are better than any of us acting alone.

Connections to Like-minded Churches, Organizations and Businesses
Further the impact of your ministry efforts by expanding your network of Christian leaders through connecting events and ministry project opportunities.

Christian Counselor Referral Network and Pastoral Care Services
Access to Summit’s Licensed Professional Counselor and our Christian Counseling Referral Network.

Access to Summit Facilities and Equipment
Have access to anything at Summit’s facilities including meeting spaces, presentation equipment, a box truck, tables/chairs and other resources without having to add to your own budget.

A Shared Community Resource Center
Contribute donated items to Summit’s 4,000 square foot resource center or take what you need for your own ministry purposes.

“Growing Leaders” Monthly Workshops
Free monthly leadership workshops to help teams grow as leaders, have access to the latest leadership trends and information, and build strategic partnerships.

Discounted Pricing for Leadership Events and Seminars
Summit passes on our discounted pricing on local and national events and seminars. Leadership events include Leadercast, Catalyst, John C. Maxwell Team Workshops and more.

Access to Automotive Repair Network
The CMN has created a network of local automotive related businesses to help families needing care repairs through the churches ministering to them.

CMN Leadership Lunches
Celebrating what God is doing and share ideas! These lunches will provide a place to build relationships and encourage each other as our Church Network grows.

Remaining faithful to a particular church’s beliefs does not prevent a church from working with another church who may hold different beliefs. Yes, there may not be agreement on certain doctrinal issues but there can be agreement around the Church Mobilization Network’s focus of loving and serving people. We ask all Network churches to be able to fully support the attitude reflected in our Embracing Distinctions of Faith statement which is found below.

Any church can join the Network as long as they do not promote any mission, vision, or values contrary to the mission, vision, and values of the Network which are found below. Each partner church contributes financially to the Network on a monthly basis to support its mission and each partner church must be in agreement with the Network Commitment Statement which is found below. You can look for other financial information and tools such as the PayStubCreator for businesses payments. 

Joining THE CHURCH Mobilization Network is easy by design. We do not work with contracts at Summit – only commitments. Therefore, all that is required for a church to join the Network is to complete our CMN Partnership Commitment Form and mail it to Summit Leadership Foundation, 3104 Hanover Road, Johnson City, TN 37604. We want all of our partners to remain partners for as long as it makes sense for them to do so. A partner can simply inform us at any time if their focus changes and we will honor their decision and part ways. The Partnership Commitment Form can be found below.

THANK YOU to our Network Church Partners

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