What We Do

Connecting Churches

We connect churches by creating relational opportunities and exchanging contact information so that ministry ideas can be shared, needs voiced, and creativity and innovation among churches fostered in order to serve our region well.

Meeting Needs

We identify practical serving opportunities through existing agencies and services who are on the front lines of serving and who have legitimized the needs. We then make our churches aware of these needs so they can engage as they desire. No network church is required to participate with any opportunity. Rather, their church members can engage as they would like  based upon their own interests and availability.

Impacting Lives

It is impossible to serve someone else and not be emotionally impacted. Likewise, it is impossible to be served and not be affected. By serving people in practical and needed ways both the church members doing the serving and those who are being served are impacted – and lives are changed!

We have a certified Generous Giving trained facilitator who can lead your church or group through a one-day “Journey Of Generosity”. These JOG events help explore the power of a generous life and the roadblocks and handups that often prevent it. Email Eric Myers at eric@summitlife.org to learn more about hosting a JOG.