How We Started

On August 5, 2012, the Dry Creek flooded and destroyed 46 homes….and birthed an idea. The damage was not extensive enough to qualify for Federal aid so the only option became the local community. Local churches, local agencies, local civic groups, area banks, individual contractors and building supply companies provided all of the resources and hundreds of volunteers for the rebuild and an amazing and rapid transformation began to happen. Then Senator Lamar Alexander succinctly commented, “I’ve never seen a better example of people helping people than what’s happening right here in Washington County.” Yes, new homes were being built but new life was also being found as over 20 Dry Creek residents came to faith in Jesus Christ as a result of this activity. When interviewed as to how and why this happened their collective testimony was “they had never experienced the church like that before”. So, the question began to be asked, “What might happen in this area if the collective body of Christ  were networked together for faster communication and coordination and was proactive about serving? How many more lives might be impacted if the church were really THE CHURCH?” The result is THE CHURCH Mobilization Network.

Our logo is simple but powerful. THE CHURCH is capitalized because we represent the collective body of Christ. We’re not just Baptist, or Methodist, or Presbyterian, or Christian Churches, or non-denominational churches….we are all of these. We are THE CHURCH. We worship the same Lord and we follow the same great commission. The word Mobilization represents that this group is actively doing something to serve our community. This is a Network of churches bringing together their shared experience and ideas and passions to help the collective group. Finally, our slogan captures the essence of this Network: we are about Connecting Churches so those churches can be Meeting Needs resulting in Impacting Lives – the lives of those served and the lives of those serving.